Friday, February 24, 2012

Right Livelihood Awards activism

The Right Livelihood Award is set up to honor grassroots and community-oriented environmental and social/solidarity/pro-poor activists, and was inspired and founded to address a gaping hole left by the Nobel Prizes.  It is a hub for activist information in my view.  

Right Livelihood Award Recipients call on German Government to stop backing nuclear power in Brazil

In March 2011, a global alliance of some 50 Right Livelihood Award Recipients and members of the World Future Council demanded a global nuclear phase out. The initiative inspired Right Livelihood Award Laureate Chico Whitaker to help build up a movement in Brazil aiming at the shutdown of Brazilian nuclear power plant Angra.

While having been hailed widely for its nuclear phase-out and for admitting the uncontrollable risks of nuclear energy, the German Government considers a 1.3 billion export credit guarantee for companies involved in the construction of Angra 3.

This German ambiguity has spurred bewilderment among many of our Laureates who, together with members of the World Future Council, signed an appeal to the German Government.

For German citizens, a campaign led by Urgewald offers the chance to demand the Government to stop its double standard policy.


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