Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sting for Amnesty Intl and CHEJ- sort of Erin Brockavich

Dear Mark,

When it comes to defending human rights, there is no organization I trust more than Amnesty International. 

That's why I'm honored to join Patti Smith, the Dave Matthews Band, Adele, My Morning Jacket and a host of other artists for the upcoming tribute album Chimes of Freedom: Songs of Bob Dylan Honoring 50 Years of Amnesty International.

Amnesty understands that defending human rights requires vigilance, doggedness and a strong, global force for good. Right now Amnesty faces multiple, urgent human rights crises and needs your immediate financial support to tackle them head on. 

Be part of the most successful, most honored global rights movement in history. 
Join me as a proud member of Amnesty International today.

Here's some of what we are up against: 

Dozens of health professionals were arrested in March, apparently for treating wounded protestors in Bahrain. In ....

Journalists threatened in Russia. Little progress has been made to increase the safety of journalists and human rights defenders who have the courage to expose abuses in Russia. 

At least three high profile attacks, including the abduction and murder of human rights defender Natalia Estemirova, remain unsolved and uninvestigated. 

Crackdown on human rights lawyers in China. Lawyers that challenge the government in court are threatened with suspension, disbarment and even criminal punishment. Where threats fail, lawyers are labeled dissidents and targeted with state violence. Human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng has been forcibly disappeared for more than a year. 

These assaults on human rights must not go unanswered. Don't let the brave individuals I've highlighted become casualties of our silence and indifference. 
Amnesty International USA

With Appreciation,
Sting (for AI)

Dear Mark ,

Lois has told you that CHEJ is focused on protecting families in communities across the country from environmental harm. One of those families is mine.
My name is Carrie Firestone. I helped form the Ilion Project in early 2009 because my neighbors and I wanted to know why so many people from our small village were getting sick. 

CHEJ was there to help. Now CHEJ needs your help. Can you make a donation today?

Nestled in the lovely Mohawk Valley of central New York, Ilion has a long history of heavy industry and industrial pollution. We understood our community was probably contaminated and wanted to know more, but we didn't know where to begin. 

"Call Erin Brockovich," people suggested. 
"Contact the news," others advised. 
"Just report it to the EPA," people said. 

So we did, and nothing happened. We realized there was no clear path when it comes to grassroots organizing in a small rural village with few resources. We were losing hope that anyone would help us.

Then I discovered CHEJ. 

Other environmental organizations had been of little help to our cause, but I decided to call CHEJ anyway. I reached Anne Rabe in the Albany office and was thrilled to finally find an expert in the field who was willing to listen to our concerns and provide essential information on how to move forward. 

Nearly two years later, we attribute all of our successes, small and large, to Anne and CHEJ. They came through when we needed them. Now CHEJ needs your support to continue to assist communities like mine.

This past March, Anne helped spearhead a critical meeting with members of our group and officials from three state agencies, who are now moving forward to investigate several known and suspected sites of contamination in Ilion. Anne continues to provide oversight, review documents, confer with various players and, perhaps most importantly, act as a steady, sure-footed cheerleader when we lose morale.

There are poor, underserved communities like Ilion all over the country. Sadly, these are the places most likely to suffer from the byproducts of irresponsible and even criminal industrial practices. With the help of CHEJ and experts like Anne, individuals in these communities can get the tools to organize, expert advice to navigate complicated bureaucracies, and inspiration to continue the fight. 

I’ve experienced first-hand the life-changing effect that CHEJ can have on a community that has nowhere left to turn for help. 
Carrie Firestone
Co-Founder, Ilion Project
Carrie Firestone on behalf of CHEJ <>

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