Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Power Plant Cancelled

I just received an email, 2/7/2011, from the NGO Green America and pasted below about a recent cancellation of a thermal power plant.  This is great news, and I want to celebrate it.

Last week plans for another proposed US coal plant got canceled, this time by Purdue University, the only university in the country that had been planning to build a new coal plant. This makes a total of 150 coal plants defeated or abandoned since 2001.
Big thanks to all of you who have joined our campaigns against coal plants over the years, and to our allies at Sierra Club and groups around the country who are keeping the pressure on. Together, we are making a difference for climate change, clean air, and healthier local communities.
It's time to harness this momentum and up the ante on closing the filthiest coal plants around the country. So stay tuned for coming Green America campaigns later this spring to clean up dirty-coal super-polluters Southern Company and AEP.
Phasing out coal is crucial for a clean-energy future in the US. Yet, kicking the coal habit isn't enough. We need to rapidly ramp up our energy-efficiency in this country to keep our energy needs in check, and at the same time we need to build the next generation of clean-energy systems – solar and wind power for every part of the country.
To meet those goals, Green America proposes:
1. Clean Energy Victory Bonds -- a way for all American citizens to invest in clean energy to bring us independence from fossil fuels (including foreign oil), healthier air and water, good US jobs that can't be outsourced, and mitigation against climate change. If you haven't already, tell Congress you'd love it if they'd make these bonds available. We're already working with members of Congress to make CEVBs a reality; your voice will make our case even stronger.
2. 50% Energy Reduction in 5 Years -- We can all do this. Please take our challenge to cut your home energy use in half over the next five years. Sound impossible? Our "10 Easy Ways" poster shows you how to get started, and our recent issue of the Green American takes you even more in depth on ways to slash your energy use (and save HALF on your energy bills!).
To make sure never to miss an issue

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